A practical checklist to help you when buying a property…especially if you are a first time buyer.

By Ryan Dingley|June 4th, 2019|

So you can afford the purchase price but what […]

Selling your Business – “Best Time to Draw up the Sale Documents”

By Hazel du Plooy|February 26th, 2019|

In the financial planning world, it is often said that […]

The ‘Give and Take’ of the The Employment Equity Amendment Bill, 2018 (the “Bill”)

By Peter Turner|February 26th, 2019|

The Employment Equity Amendment Bill, 2018 (the “Bill”) and draft […]

Newsflash: Lost title deed and bond amendment on hold!

By Michelle Fiorentinos|February 22nd, 2019|

There has been panic regarding the amendment to regulations 68(1) […]

The big question: Discounting Transaction or Incidental Credit?

By Natalie Gillmer|February 18th, 2019|

A question often asked, and understandably so, is what is the difference between a discounting transaction and an incidental credit transaction? On first glance at the definitions in the National Credit Act, 2005 (the “NCA”) they seem almost identical, but one needs to look at the nature of the transaction to differentiate between the two.

Brief synopsis on what not to forget when considering a share buy-back in terms of the Companies Act, 2008

By Natalie Gillmer|January 14th, 2019|

There are 4 main sections of the Companies Act, No. […]

A quick overview:  Intra-brand competition vs inter-brand competition

By Natalie Gillmer|May 31st, 2018|

Section 5 of the Competition Act of 1998 (as amended) […]

Is your company a supplier of goods or services?

By Hazel du Plooy|February 28th, 2018|

Is your company a supplier of goods or services?

If so, […]

Electronic Communications Act

By Dingley Marshall|June 26th, 2017|

Click here to read the Electronic Communications Act

Companies Act Regulations 2011 (PDF – 970kb)

By Dingley Marshall|July 28th, 2011|

Companies Act Regulations 2011