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SIM swap fraud and how to prevent it
18th June 2018
In South Africa it is common for consumers to have mobile numbers linked to their bank accounts. What started out as a seemingly safe security
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Be aware - The infusion of South African contract law and constitutional values in contractual documents
15th June 2018
It is important to be aware of recent case law developments when drafting agreements and providing advice to clients on the interpretation of certain clauses
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The Deregistration of Companies and Close Corporations
8th June 2018
From time to time, companies in business come in to contact with deregistered entities; most often due to administrative oversight and their failure to file
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A quick overview:  Intra-brand competition vs inter-brand competition
31st May 2018
Section 5 of the Competition Act of 1998 (as amended) (the “Act”) regulates vertical agreements and prohibits restrictive vertical practices. In terms of section 5(1)
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