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The Protection of Trade Secrets
9th June 2019
Introduction A trade secret may generally be described as information which is known only by employees of a specific business and can include formulas, ideas,
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A practical checklist to help you when buying a property…especially if you are a first time buyer.
4th June 2019
So you can afford the purchase price but what about the hidden costs such as VAT and transfer duty? When determining whether you can afford
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Social Media Applications- what exactly are we agreeing to? Part 1: WhatsApp
3rd June 2019
When downloading social media applications on our devices, we are required to hit that “agree” button, which we hastily do in order to quickly access
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Trade mark, copyright and patents– basic differences and how to protect your intellectual property rights
11th March 2019
It is important for business owners to understand that most of your products, goods, brands, technologies, logos and creative works are protected by one of
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