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Thinking of tying the knot?
8th August 2017
Getting married and planning a wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life.  The focus tends to be on the venue,
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Property registered in her name but he paid for it, so who does it belong to?
19th January 2017
An Irish man and a South African woman met and fell in love in Ireland. They relocated to South Africa where he purchased a property
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Buying a home free of historical debt
14th December 2016
In January 2016, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) held in City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality v PJ Mitchell, that the current owner of a
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To buy property with an existing tenant or not, that is the question!
1st November 2016
When a property is purchased while there is a tenant in occupation, the tenant has certain rights. Potential purchasers need to be aware that the
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