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Mobile App End User Licence Agreements (EULAs)
17th August 2016
Smartphones are incredibly useful things, and part of that usefulness comes from being able to download mobile applications (apps) to them. What’s so special about
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What’s the big deal about unapproved building plans?
27th July 2016
Buying and selling property is a hugely stressful event. For this reason, people rely strongly, perhaps too strongly, on the people assisting them with the
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“Divorcing” your boss
25th July 2016
More and more these days we are faced with the situation where an employer and an employee are involved in a dispute, but wish to
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Electronic Transactions and the “R1 Mango Sale”
22nd June 2016
On Monday 16 May 2016 South African shoppers were treated to a day of incredible savings as online clothing store Mango experienced what they have
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